Heard on NPR radio that [radiation] was used to kill Zika vi


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Ysalys (Kate): Here is a direct link to it in youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqJAzQe7_0g May 16, 2017 21:16:54 GMT -5 *
shawnanagins775: Very informative and all should watch. I'm familiar with most of what they've talked about, but, for such a long series, I look forward to the rest, as the first episode was very well done. May 16, 2017 22:03:44 GMT -5
Ysalys (Kate): This is the next episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK_sX5ko8SE The channel is: www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0Ff6iAdp-D6p8Nj-59yYQ May 16, 2017 22:18:56 GMT -5
checksandbalance89: I guess there was no show today? 5.22 ? Perhaps Dana mentioned it on Friday and I missed it..:-) May 22, 2017 16:14:08 GMT -5
Ysalys (Kate): I've been without electric for the last year, so have not had access here, but what I've been seeing since I got back here, is his streams are during the weekdays. I'm trying to put the links to his streams each day in the marquee at the top here. May 23, 2017 16:13:17 GMT -5
missfrill: WheepingWillow vs Dana - fight continues - do check in at 11 min. mark youtu.be/l6S8ghk0mMI Jun 7, 2017 12:16:46 GMT -5
missfrill: ....a gem of informantion - - user Willow Whines seems to be her brother who she is fueding with. Jun 7, 2017 12:19:32 GMT -5
Strontium Milks: Kate did you go off grid? I might be doing the same in a few months.. Jun 15, 2017 19:59:19 GMT -5
Strontium Milks: Sunscreen blamed for killing #Hawaii coral reefs. Officials are seeking to ban #sunscreen. What about banning radiation in your water? #Fukushima www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfaPzuS9WqQ Jun 16, 2017 17:41:45 GMT -5 *
missfrill: Stronium - I will miss you :-[ Jun 18, 2017 15:40:35 GMT -5
missfrill: ENE taken over by trolls - Nuke Pro - nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2017/06/enenews-battered-into-oblivion-by.html Jun 18, 2017 15:41:07 GMT -5
Ysalys (Kate): Yes Strontium, I did. It's not easy to get used to not having a place other than a 20 foot camper trailer to live in. It's a struggle, but what the heck, it was a struggle when I was on the grid too. Message me, and I'll let you know more. Jun 24, 2017 10:07:03 GMT -5
hocuspokus: hi kate, hi gang aroooooooooooo...... just noticed that they pulled the link to nuda waya's elevated geiger counter readings story from a ways back.... was trying to find it and actually was shot to a post by me on this forum... anyone have that article? Jul 11, 2017 1:20:14 GMT -5
hocuspokus: contacted him recently to thank him and make friends Jul 11, 2017 1:20:34 GMT -5
Strontium Milks: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw1zvAY1Mdc Dana & Rense on The Hanford tunnel collapse. Shinzo SMile or Die Hiring hobos and Pregnant women get free home if they move to #Fukushima. If Johnny grows extra arms we will cut them off for free. Jul 27, 2017 10:22:03 GMT -5 *
missfrill: hi, hounds! A hurricane wrecked my computer so I was off the net since Sept. -- Dec 5, 2017 8:50:39 GMT -5
missfrill: ... hi to everybody :) Dec 5, 2017 8:51:56 GMT -5
starlight: No Internet? No Fake news? Sounds like heaven..:) Dec 7, 2017 9:11:44 GMT -5
Ysalys (Kate): Hi Missfrill, I too, have had a serious cut off from the net for the last year and a half. I'm still not able to be online much, this just a fluke to be here now. Hugs - Hi hounds Dec 16, 2017 14:21:31 GMT -5 *
Ysalys (Kate): I'm hoping to be back in the beginning of the next year. Fingers crossed.. I miss everyone :-[ Dec 16, 2017 14:22:46 GMT -5