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This is NOT a forum for Hate Speech, Immature Games, or Politics (there are other forums for that, and it's NOT HERE! - Suspension will be Enforced>>>
starlight: Posting the links in the chat now you have made the thread is perhaps a mistake, I say this in all good faith and only because eventually the chat will be erased by new chat posts which, though slow, require space of their own. Best wishes for 2019! Dec 29, 2018 10:08:48 GMT -5
millie: Hi, Starlight. No problem. I posted here because the thread is not visible to the outside world, just members apparently. I post in enough other places it's not a big deal. Thanks for the correction, and Happy New Year! Dec 29, 2018 12:15:26 GMT -5
starlight: Are you experiencing difficulties building a thread? For certain things such as expanding pictures one has to log in but building a thread is still possible I’m sure. Don’t give up just yet! Dec 29, 2018 22:29:33 GMT -5
starlight: Linking to YouTube here will result in slower page redraws over time on a thread as pages grow, so that’s frustrating! Linking to multiple vids in a single Dec 29, 2018 22:42:46 GMT -5
starlight: post will result in slow page redraw, cumbersome. So don’t try to post Dana’s entire output retrospectively but stuff you have a comment on .... might be a good balance? It’s tricky! I have just one thread and go there to post my contribution over time. Dec 29, 2018 22:49:01 GMT -5 *
millie: ",12023"
Dec 30, 2018 20:45:38 GMT -5 *
starlight: bust link? Got there by typing ‘ Fukushima nuclear infomercial’ Dec 30, 2018 21:02:44 GMT -5 *
millie: add "https://" in front. Can't figure out how to fix it Dec 30, 2018 22:20:30 GMT -5 *
millie: ignore this Dec 30, 2018 22:23:24 GMT -5 *
starlight: Great find Millie! Dec 30, 2018 22:47:11 GMT -5
missfrill: Strontium Milks has a new vid that good .... Feb 2, 2019 23:04:10 GMT -5
missfrill: news item - IAEA Issues Final Report on Fourth Review of Fukushima Decommissioning Feb 6, 2019 21:50:20 GMT -5
missfrill: .... the usual B.S. Feb 6, 2019 21:50:36 GMT -5
missfrill: Majia's Blog - Fukushima Daiichi February 5 2019 (photos) Feb 6, 2019 21:55:19 GMT -5
Strontium Milks: Dana did a really good show about Fallout. I edited it a bit and at the end did a short 1 min rap on youtube since nobody raps about Fukushima. Mar 2, 2019 16:37:31 GMT -5
millie: For #Fukushima's eighth anniversary (3/11), was taken down so we can't see the EPA radiation levels.  Therefore we should conclude that everything is a-ok.  Not. Mar 11, 2019 7:47:14 GMT -5
starlight: Yawn...reactor building three fuel pools being May 17, 2019 12:05:02 GMT -5
starlight: The UK is in the midst of a huge Chernobyl fest, news articles a plenty, mini t.v series and such. Really quite odd! Jun 21, 2019 15:39:45 GMT -5
missfrill: horrible Canadian bear story ... Oct 3, 2019 21:55:04 GMT -5 *
missfrill: Nuke Pro - prior to Fukushima, "they" knew something big was underway, for up to 8 days - Oct 29, 2019 15:38:13 GMT -5